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Terms of rental, TOP Rent a Car

1. The owner has the obligation:

  • Client device to make, for transporting the duration of the contract, vehicle established to meet the standard requirements for domestic and international shipments.
  • To deliver the car with motor third party liability insurance, Vignette completed and valid rental period.
  • If the vehicle is not operating at capacity guaranteed by owner, customer may request to change the rented car. Owner is not liable, But the flaws that make use of awkward customer, and that the latter has been noted in the present contract. any other rights and obligations incumbent upon it by law and this contract.

2. Customer must:

  • Hold a valid driving license for at least 3 years (otherwise the warranty will be charged twice per site).
  • To be aged 21 for years.
  • Observe all traffic rule in force both in Romania and outside the country.
  • Do not drive a car under the influence of alcohol or other substances prohibited by law.
  • To notify the rental company if the car has problems.
  • Not execute work on cars rented without prior consent from the car rental company.
  • Do not allow overloading (No.. places or weight) beyond limits in the car's certificate.
  • Do not push or tow any vehicle or trailer or other objects.
  • Do not use the automobile in competitions, competitions and other tests.
  • Do not leave car keys in the ignition or door / windows / trunk open.
  • Do not drive the vehicle on public roads only (national and county) It is completely forbidden driving on forest roads or not shown on the official map, otherwise the damage will fully support the vehicle hire.
  • Pay all fines during the rental contract.

Documents to taking the car:

When you want to rent a car must keep in mind the following documents to carry your:

  • Valid driving license
  • Identity card or passport

Rates - guaranteed

  • Final rates for car hire Cluj by telephone.
  • Guarantee for rented car starts at 150 Euro and differs for each machine as follows:
The guarantee will be returned if all of the conditions of the contract at its end.
  • Payment in full upon signing the lease.
  • The car rental price includes all taxes that compulsory motor insurance, Vignettes and insurance Casco fentru each car franchise differentiated as follows:
  • What is franchise?

Damage to the car's fault borne by him up to the maximum sum per car, according to the table above.

Teaching and car purchase

  • Car Hire prelueaza of teaching and clean and the amount of fuel in the tank was at the time of signing the agreement.
  • Teaching Answering machine is the whole range of Cluj-Napoca free.
  • For your best possible conditions of the takeover car, the customer is asked to contact the company at least 2 hours before handing over car.

Accident, damage, theft

Customer agrees to protect the interests of the owner and its insurance company in case of accident, theft or damage to the automobile:

  • Obtain names and addresses of the parties and witnesses.
  • Not abandoning the vehicle without taking the necessary measures to safeguard it.
  • Announcing the owner by phone, in maximum 1 hours of the occurrence of any incident.

Documents to be obtained in case of accident, damage or theft:

Police report the signature of the officer who drafted the report and stamp of the police station (compulsory, specifying driving or drunk, accident) or the second annex to the insurance company officer who drafted the document signature and stamp of the police station.

Repair authorization with signature of the officer who drafted the document and stamp the police station.

without presenting the above documents, or if the customer / driver violated the Romanian laws or Romanian Highway Code or any of points lease agreement, customer remains liable for all damages, costs and / or losses caused to the owner.


Any changes to this contract shall be void if there is an addendum signed by both parties.


  • On expiry of the lease, Unless the parties decide to extend it
  • By agreement of the parties, early
  • By termination by either party if the other party does not fulfill its obligations guilty. Termination operates in accordance with the law
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